There are those who have heard the calling of another world.
A place where magic and technology intertwine.
A place that is home to noble heroes, diabolical villains, and many people in between.
A place where you can truly be anything you want to be — for a price.
A place where the brightest lights cast the deepest shadow.

Some would call these people dreamers, visionaries, obsessives or lunatics.

We call them Metamorphs.

Welcome to the home page for the Metamor City fan community! Here you will find links to discussion forums, fan art, and anything else related to Metamor City fandom. Don’t just listen to the podcast — get involved! Join the ranks of the Metamorphs today! The primary base of operations for the Metamorph community, is home to the fan art gallery and the Metamor City discussion forums. There is also a library where you can learn more about the world of Metamor City.

The Legion of Merit: There are Metamorphs who go above and beyond the call of duty, whether through the creation of fan art, flying the colors (i.e., wearing their Metamor City t-shirts), or doing other things to aggressively promote the show. Here we pay honor to these heroes of the Metamor Empire — welcome to the Legion of Merit!