The Fringe

“The Fringe” is the informal term for the gray areas on the edges of society — the no-man’s land between respectable employment and overt criminality, where anything can be had for a price. Fringers may be good-hearted or cruel, living by guns or wits or luck, but they are rarely what they appear to be at first glance…

Callie Linder (Beq Vyper): The daughter of a human mother and an unlikely father — half daedra, half celestial — Callie is a cansin, a woman with the blood of chaotic Outsiders in her veins. Her heritage gives her supernatural luck, which she uses to survive as a runner — a freelance spy who sells her services to the factions vying for control of Metamor City.

Isri Fallon: A succubus living openly among humans, “Ms Fallon” is the proprietress of the Serenity Arms, an apartment complex that runs from the First Level of the city down to the Street. Through her own considerable force of will — and the supernatural muscle of her staff members — Ms Fallon has managed to carve out a place of safety and calm in the middle of the City’s violent underbelly. She is warm and kind toward her tenants and those in distress, but she has a deep distrust of authority figures, especially the Lothanasi.

Jenna Hartmann (Cunning Minx): A teenaged succubus living in secret among humans, Jenna thinks of herself as an ordinary girl with some unusual feeding requirements. She lives at St. Theresa’s School and Halfway House, a home for “wayward girls” run by the Ecclesia. While she makes no apologies for her nature, she does wonder sometimes whether Eli has any place in his Heaven for people like her…

Will Kerenson: Will never meant to get caught up in the Fringe; he was just a college student who wanted to be a famous writer. Fate threw him into an alliance with Callie Linder, though, as seen in The Muse (MCP 004 & 005).

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