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Here you can find all archived episodes for the podcast, in order.

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  1. Hi. o/

    I’ve just started listening and in two days have gone through about seven podcasts. Am totally hooked!

    My boyfriend and I usually use podcasts as a mental occupier while we drive (that way we don’t day dream during traffic or other situations that can become perilous and if we need to ignore the podcast then we can always rewind it and play it again, unlike an accident,) and having a nice long podcast that you can look forward to for your commute is really awesome. 🙂

  2. My brother gave me some of your podcasts on CD, as I don’t have internet at home, and access from my library blocks downloads from podcast sites. Great stories, and I wrote a short one myself, and working on a long separate story, plus adding episodes to the short. I edit a stick-makers hobby newsletter, and write too, mostly sf/fantasy.

    Accessing the site from my mobile, it’s hard to find how to send in content for you, but when I figure it out, I will send what I have done, so you can either use all or part of it, or wet yourself laughing at my presumption. I assume pdf in non-secure form, so you can extract content will be ok?

    I also have a few other stories, including a biker story, if any of your fellow podcasters want to use them, Creative Commons, etc. My non-fiction writing pays the bills, so my stuff in fiction is for the community.


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