The Metamor City Department

The “thin blue line” between civilization and chaos, the brave men and women of the MCPD strive daily to uphold order and protect the innocent in a world where the bad guys and good guys aren’t always easy to tell apart.

Michael Perelli

Full Name: Corporal Michael Alfredo Perelli
Date of Birth: 10 Apr 1977
Uncursed Human (Kitchlander)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dishwater blond
Skin: Fair
Height: 179 cm (5′10″)
Allegiance: MCPD, Detective Bureau, Central Division, Precinct 9
Religion: Ecclesiast
Education: Bachelor’s Degree (Criminal Investigation), University of Pyralis
Distinctive Traits: Intuitive crime-scene analysis

Michael is the newest recruit for Precinct 9’s Homicide section. Unlike most of Metamor City’s inhabitants, Michael is a mundane — a person with no supernatural powers. He does, however, have a sharp intellect and keen powers of observation, which allow him to reconstruct crime scenes with far more ease than most of his peers. He doubtless will become a valuable member of the force — if he can survive orientation in a town as bizarre and dangerous as Metamor City…

Kate Kitaen (Heather Welliver)

Full Name: Detective Lt. Kathryn Melissa Kitaen
Date of Birth: 19 May 1971
Uncursed Human (Kitchlander)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Shoulder-length, naturally mouse-brown (usually dyed)
Skin: Pale, golden
Height: 180 cm (5′11″)
Allegiance: MCPD, Detective Bureau, Central Division, Precinct 9
Religion: Meraist
Education: Bachelor’s Degree (Criminal Investigation), Empire University; Adeptus Exemptus, Rasmussen School of Illusion (RSI)
Distinctive Traits: Eidetic memory

Kate is an Illusionist of considerable talent and moderate skill who uses her powers to assist in undercover work on the job. A former college athlete, her body is trim and muscular, and she keeps it in shape with regular trips to the gym. She is a practical joker and an adrenaline junkie, with a zest for life that most people find infectious. She works in the Precinct 9 Magic Affairs Section with her partner, David Silverleaf.

David Silverleaf

Full Name: Detective Lt. David Sindelas Silverleaf
Date of Birth: 11 Nov 1849
Sun Elf
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black, long (ponytail)
Skin: Tan
Height: 183 cm (6′0″)
Allegiance: MCPD, Detective Bureau, Central Division, Precinct 9
Religion: Elvish Monotheism
Education: Bachelor’s Degree (Criminal Justice), University of Taralas; Adeptus Exemptus, Esoteric Order of the Bow and Holly
Distinctive Traits: Nature empathy

Thoughtful, quiet and serious, David came to Metamor in pursuit of a religious experience called Epiphany — the moment in an Elf’s life when he or she has a sudden, profound revelation of the Creator-God. He hopes that life in a human-dominated culture will give him insights into aspects of the Almighty that he would be unable to see in his Elven homeland of Quenardya. In the meantime, he works with his partner Kate Kitaen to protect the people of Metamor City. His magic focuses around nature and living things; in a more primitive culture he might be called a ranger, or even a shaman.

Captain Joe Montgomery 

Full Name: Captain Joseph Gulo Montgomery
Date of Birth: 3 Aug 1947
Cursed Human – Theriomorph (wolverine)
Eyes: Brown
Fur: Reddish brown, with darker fur around the face (typical wolverine markings)
Skin: Medium brown (under fur)
Height: 185 cm (6′1″)
Allegiance: MCPD, Detective Bureau, Central Division, Precinct 9
Religion: Ecclesiast
Education: Associates Degree (Law Enforcement), Barnhardt Community College; 2nd-degree black belt (Practical Combat Arts), Ishimura School of Martial Arts
Distinctive Traits: Shapeshifting, claws

Montgomery is in many ways the stereotypical police chief, a grizzled old hardass with a heart of gold who has been on the force as long as anybody can remember. He’s tough, obstinate, often cranky, but ultimately fair in his dealings, both with the other cops and with the civilians he comes in contact with. But you wouldn’t want to see what he can do with those claws of his when it comes down to a knife-fight on The Street…

Morgan Drauling (Leann Mabry / Kim Fortuner)

Full Name: Lt. Dr. Morgan Elizabeth Drauling
Date of Birth: 7 July 1967
Vampire; formerly uncursed human (Kitchlander)
Eyes: Very dark, almost black
Hair: Black
Skin: Alabaster white
Height: 175 cm (5′9″)
Allegiance: MCPD, Detective Bureau, Forensic Investigation Division
Religion: Universalist
Education: Pre-Med, Empire University, 1984-1987; Medical Doctorate (Forensic Medicine), Empire University School of Medicine (EUSOM), 1988-1991; Residency in Anatomical & Clinical Pathology, Eastside General Hospital, 1992-1995; Fellowship in Forensic Pathology, EUSOM, 1996
Distinctive Traits: Obsessive-Compulsive; strong vampire bloodline (unbound)

Once a scion of House Drauling, a powerful Metamorian noble family, Morgan was disowned for dating a non-human, which the Draulings considered taboo. Her taste for exotic men eventually led to an ill-advised relationship with a vampire, who “turned” her in order to use her as a pawn in the criminal empire of Malcolm ard’Valos. Morgan managed to tip off Kate and David to what had happened, and the vampire was quietly dusted, leaving Morgan “unbound” — no longer subject to commands from other vampires, save for the Vampire Queen herself. Brilliant, beautiful and deadly, with a droll, dark sense of humor and a noblewoman’s poise, Morgan might just be the perfect woman — if it weren’t for her lethal allergy to sunlight and the bestial bloodlust that she struggles every night to control.

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