The Curse

Metamor City lies under the influence of an ancient magical Curse. 1300 years ago, the Dark Wizard Nasoj tried to conquer the Kingdom of Metamor; when he was unable to penetrate Metamor’s defenses with purely destructive spells, he turned to the dark gods for aid. With their help, he crafted three powerful spells that would warp and twist the bodies and minds of anyone touched by them.

The wizards of Metamor were able to counter those spells, but only partially. The magic backfired, producing a Curse that settled over the entire kingdom. Any human who stays too long in the region of the Curse’s influence is changed by it unless they wear the proper magical protection.

Majestrix Kyia has managed to tweak the Curse’s effects over the years; those who are affected by it now have more control over their minds and bodies, and Kyia can even control which version of the Curse a person receives if they make their wishes known to her. Some people now see the Curse as more of an advantage than a burden, but there are still many who choose to wear the protective charms that ward off its effects completely.

At one time the Curse only covered Metamor Valley itself, a 14-mile long pass between the Giantdowns and the Northern Midlands. Over the centuries the tide of magic in the world has increased dramatically, and the Curse has grown with it; it now covers an area with a radius of approximately 300 miles (483 km).

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