The Lothanasi

Once the priestly caste of Galendor’s polytheistic religion, the Lothanasi (”Lightbringers”, in the Old Tongue) found themselves in need of a new mission statement when the gods were cast suddenly and irrevocably to Earth. With supernatural beings of every stripe now walking the planet — and often getting into conflict with the locals — the priests found themselves acting as ambassadors, referees, interpreters, and sometimes warriors in defense of humanity’s interests. Over time the Lothanasi became settled in this new role, evolving into a sort of hybrid between The X-Files and the Men in Black.

The Lightbringers know that most people are blissfully ignorant of the dangers that walk among them. Sure, people know about celestials, fiends and faeries, but it’s one thing to know these creatures exist and quite another to end up as the targets of their attentions — or, just as bad, as unwitting “collateral damage” in their fights with each other. For the Lothanasi, a good day is one when they hold the line against that chaos, ensuring that the common man can live in his blissful ignorance just a little bit longer.

Janus Starson (Indiana Jim)
Full Name: Agent Janus Asariel Starson
Date of Birth: 1 Jul 1962
Species: Plane-touched (asimaar)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond-white (short, professional cut)
Skin: Pale
Height: 193 cm (6′4″)
Allegiance: Lothanasi Order
Religion: Universalist
Education: Bachelor of Science (Officer’s Program), Lothanasi Academy-Elvquelin
Distinctive Traits: Lothanasi powers (equivalent to master mage); asimaar spell-like abilities (minor healing abilities, independent of Lothanasi Light-Healing)

Janus, as he is known to friends and enemies alike, is the regional field commander for the Lothanasi Order in Metamor City. In this role he has operational authority over any mission that the Lothanasi might deem necessary within his territory. Unusual actions may require a later review with the Order’s Board of Directors, but for the most part Janus calls his own shots. Blunt, straightforward and often caustic, he has few real friends, but none can doubt his dedication to protecting humanity from supernatural threats.

Janus is an asimaar, a person of mostly-human descent with some celestial blood mixed in. As his surname indicates, he is a descendant of Merai hin’Dana, the Starchild, and he carries in himself a small portion of her half-divine nature. In combat he wields the Sword of Metamor, Elemacil, an ancient weapon that was specifically crafted for slaying daedra. Janus’s powers as a cleric are formidable, and woe betide the man who angers him.

Merai Starchild
Full Name: Merai hin’Dana, of the Anboren Family
Date of Birth: 19 May 692
Species: Cursed Human – Theriomorph (cat)
Eyes: Brown, catlike pupils
Hair/Fur: Mahogany brown/white
Skin: Fair (under fur)
Height: 168 cm (5′6″)
Allegiances: Majestrix Kyia; Church of St. Merai; Lothanasi Order
Religion: Meraist
Education: Apprenticeship to Raven hin’Elric, High Priestess of Metamor (deceased)
Distinctive Traits: Can channel and convert divine/cosmic energies (the “Starchild’s gift”); immortal

Revered by the Church of St. Merai as Eli’s last Prophet … honored by the Lothanasi as the last priestess of the old Order … blessed and cursed by millions as the Starchild, the savior and the destroyer in one quiet, unassuming package … Merai is perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood being who ever lived. She makes no claims to being saint, or savior, though she will readily admit that she destroyed much in order to save even more. “Prophet” is a term she accepts more readily, but she carries it as a burden rather than a badge of merit. She is a messenger whose most important messages were all delivered nearly 1300 years ago, and while she knows that she is being kept around for something important, she no longer has any idea what it might be.

Merai lives in the Citadel with Majestrix Kyia, one of the few beings she still considers a friend. She holds no official position in Kyia’s government, but she helps in whatever ways she can — as mediator, ambassador, counselor, and sounding board. She governs the Church of St. Merai with a light hand, allowing doctrinal differences to flourish among the chapters as long as they steer clear of blatant heresy. She involves herself even less in the affairs of the modern Lothanasi Order, offering suggestions only when asked — some things need to be left to the “young people” to learn for themselves.

Those who have met Merai tell of a gentle and soft-spoken woman of quiet humor, grace and dignity. Her presence inspires awe, not with any outward display of power but with the utter calm and stillness that surrounds her. At the same time, though, she is a person of great humility, reluctant to take credit for anything, always seeking to lift up others and make them believe in their own abilities rather than looking to her for the answers to their problems. Many find it hard to believe that such a woman could have held, however briefly, the power of eighteen gods and goddesses in her hands…

…but then, if she had been any other sort of person, she would never have been able to give that power up once she had it.

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