MCP 020 – MAKING THE CUT: Chapter 12

Evan takes Daniel to SPELLS 4 U for a magical check-up. Has Danni been ensorcelled? And, if so, can Artax do anything to help her?


Evan Selindi – Tee Morris
Artax – Bryan Watson
Danni Sharabi – Sara Lloyd
Rebecca Brower – MA in PA
Answer Machine Voice – Martyn Casserly
Jared Tamlin – Jason Adams


Archangel (hosted by the blog Spiritual Tramp)

New World Orders


Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind

The Music:

Opening Credits: “Zeon Control”, by Metaverse
The Story So Far: “Theatrical Trailer”, by Budha Building
Surprising Foreknowledge: “Sneaky”, by David Beard
Changing Back to Danni: “Andine”, from StackTraxx Vol. 04
A Little Experimentation: “Phunky ZZ”, from StackTraxx Vol. 04
The Desires of the Soul: “Realisation”, by David Beard
A Good Question: “Hunt Pad”, by David Beard
Not a Pleasant Thought: “Nowhere – Cue 2″, by David Beard
A Worse Alternative: “Isham Pastich”, by David Beard
The Ride Home: “Leave Me”, from StackTraxx Vol. 04
Nasty Implications: “Ladder – Strings”, by David Beard
A Radical Shift: “Nowhere – Cue 1″, by David Beard
Message Waiting: “Mothersland – Cue 7″, by David Beard
Danni’s Decision: “Ctrl-Alt-Del, Piano Motif”, by David Beard
Bed Music: “Smoke-Filled Room”, by Dave Thornton

All music from David Beard is used by special permission from the artist. All other music is provided through agreement with the Podsafe Music Network or the Freesound Project.

Some sound effects were provided by Soundsnap; others were provided by the Freesound Project.


  • Ren tells how she came to Metamor from MOREVI and comments on the awesomeness of Leann Mabry.
  • Nobilis decides to mess with my head after hearing the extended feedback on Episode 19.
  • John Merlin comments on my Balticon report.

Next time on The Metamor City Podcast:

Brian, Fiona, Sasha and Callie have cooked up a plan to steal the mysterious data that the vampires smuggled into Metamor City. They can’t do it alone, though, so they turn to the one ally they have left in the Hive power structure: Elder Miriam Bakhtavar. See you in two weeks!

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