MCP 045 – Whispers in the Wood, Part 4

Will Abbey’s plan work? Can Rosanna be saved from the clutches of the Leanan Sidhe? And what will the faery do to Wells if the plan succeeds? Find out, in the conclusion to Whispers in the Wood!


Malcolm ard’Valos – TD-0013
Rosanna Venturi – Deirdre Reed
Emilio Venturi – Nobilis Reed
Melodia/Leanan Sidhe – Danae Winters
Isaac Wells – Michael Spence
Abbey Preston – Jenivi Seven
Janus Starson – Indiana Jim


The Empress Sword



Starla Huchton, author of The Dreamer’s Thread

The Music:

Some music was provided by David Beard and is used by permission of the composer. Other music and sound effects were provided by Digital JuiceSoundsnap and The Freesound Project.


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  • Chris’s new story, “Tears Such As Angels Weep”, is the special this month at Erotica a la Carte.
  • The Triple Threat Double Dip Contest has been extended through the end of January. Only two people have sent in their photos so far, so you have an excellent chance of winning if you enter now!
  • The next episode of Metamor City will be released on January 16th.

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Ben is a college student, a sorcerer, and a man with an unusual disability: he turns into other people in his sleep. And since he’s at a school where book-smart wizards are the overwhelming majority, life as a spontaneous spellcaster doesn’t come easily…

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