Broken Angel, LIVE at Balticon 43

On Memorial Day Weekend 2009, it was my privilege to present an all-new Metamor City audio drama to a live audience at Balticon 43. With a full cast, music and sound effects, and a script explicitly written for audio play, this was one of the most ambitious things I’ve done to date — and one of the most fun. Listen as Janus Starson interrogates Ms Fallon about her apparent murder of a celestial child … and Kathryn Kitaen tries to decide whether to defend her friend’s actions.

The Cast:

Janus Starson – Chris Lester
Isri Fallon – Kim Fortuner
Kathryn Kitaen – Heather Welliver
David Silverleaf – Chooch Schubert
Breialyn – Sara Lloyd
Hotel Manager #1 – Marc “Grailwolf” Bailey
Hotel Manager #2 – Steve Eley
Hotel Manager #3 – Viv Schubert
and featuring Rob the Sound Engineer as Himself

The audio has been balanced, within the limits of the recording equipment, but it otherwise has not been edited; you’ll hear it as it happened, right down to the snarky comments from the audience. :) A question-and-answer period follows the drama, though sadly some of the information contained therein is now out-of-date.

Some music was provided through agreement with Mevio’s Music Alley. Other music courtesy of David Beard and Digital Juice.

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