The Case of the Golden Egg, LIVE at Balticon 44

This is a live radio drama that the Metamor City Players performed at Balticon 44 in Hunt Valley, Maryland, during Memorial Day Weekend of 2010.

Rafak Aliri is a private eye — and a lutin, one of the short, hardy, green-skinned people of the north. At four-foot-nine, he’s used to everything around him being bigger than he is. But when a wealthy socialite comes to him for help in retrieving a stolen jeweler’s egg, the situation might get too big even for him…


Rafak Aliri – Chris Lester
Betty – Viv Schubert
Sigrid Narvalla – Gail Carriger
Eva Selindi – Philippa Ballantine
Police Officer – Chooch Schubert
Kathryn Kitaen – Heather Welliver
Artax – J. Daniel Sawyer
Tyria Kemmler – Kim the Comic Book Goddess
Lightbringer Agent – Marc “Grailwolf” Bailey


Some music was provided by David Beard and is used by permission of the composer. Other music and sound effects were provided by Digital Juice,Soundsnap and The Freesound Project.

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