MCP 010 – MAKING THE CUT: Chapter 02

Five years after graduation, Daniel Sharabi’s life isn’t all that he hoped it would be. With little sign of improvement in his pathetic psionic abilities, his prospects for a future with the Psi Collective are less than rosy … until Victor hin’Kavos offers him a possible way out.


Victor hin’Kavos — Bill Bowman
Abbey Preston — Heather Nowak
Nathan Levy — Steve Eley of Escape Pod
Kevin Darby — P.G. Holyfield of Murder at Avedon Hill
Denise — Cat, aka SciFiRanterGirl of The Lipstick Aliens Podcast


Stranger Things

Polyamory Weekly


Javert from Buffy Between the Lines

The Music:

Opening Credits: “Zeon Control”, by Metaverse
The Story So Far: “Theatrical Trailer”, by Budha Building
Photographs & Memories: “Close to You”, by Alexander Blu
Parting Ways: “Mothersland, Cue 11″, by David Beard
Sparring Match: “Metamorphosis — High on Desire”, by Ruddha
Victor’s Desire: “String Groove”, by a.b.e. (Anthems of a Bygone Era)
Nathan’s Girl-Pop: “Perfect Girl”, by Curious
Over the Line: “Primordial”, by David Beard
Kevin’s Sanctum: “Morningstar Rise”, by Joseph Firecrow
What Do You Want?: “Nowhere, Cue 4″, by David Beard
Scene Break: “Jetlag”, by Metaverse
The Bargain: “Hunt Pad”, by David Beard
What Matters: “Nowhere, Cue 4 Strings”, by David Beard
Bed Music: “Smoke-Filled Room”, by Dave Thornton

podsafe music network Music from David Beard is used by special permission of the artist. All other music provided through agreement with the Podsafe Music Network.

Some sound effects provided by the Freesound Project. More information on the clips used will be provided after the jump. Other sound effects provided by Soundsnap.

Next time on The Metamor City Podcast:

Daniel and Victor meet their fellow operatives for the upcoming smuggling job, including one whom Metamorphs will find familiar. Then the action switches to the Sommers breeding cell, where Brian, Fiona, Sasha and Rebecca are about to have their peaceful home life disturbed by an unexpected guest. Until then, keep it on the bright side!

Sound effects from the Freesound Project:

        By ERH (
            redchalkyellowskin.wav (
         By MiceHead (
            Starship Rumble 1.wav (

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