MCP 014 – MAKING THE CUT: Chapter 06

Fiona and Callie face off for control of the vampire syndicate’s mysterious package. Plus, the reason for Victor’s collusion with the vampires is revealed!


Brian Sommers — Bryan Watson
Sasha King — Dani Cutler
Fiona hin’Connaill — Christiana Ellis
Trace Umbara — Donte Taylor
Callie Linder — Beq Vyper
Victor hin’Kavos — Bill Bowman
Police Officer — Paulette Vallad
Eva Selindi — Philippa Ballantine
Miriam Bakhtavar — Martha Puskas
William Westerson — J.C. Hutchins


HEAVEN, Season 4: Wasteland

UltraCreatives Interview Series


Martyn Casserly of the band Glass Darkly

The Music:

Opening Credits: “Zeon Control”, by Metaverse
The Story So Far: “Theatrical Trailer”, by Budha Building
Trace and Del in Danger: “Get in the Car — No Percussion”, by David Beard
Fiona Lends Strength: “Dream of a Princess”, by Yuzzy
Trace’s Last Message: “Underscore”, by David Beard
Desperation: “Chase”, by David Beard
Losing Del: “Noisy Underscore”, by David Beard
Trace’s Adversary: “Jack Says – Trailer Cue 2, Start Only”, by David Beard
“He’s Gone”: “Ladder Strings”, by David Beard
Finishing the Mission: “Hunt — Pad”, by David Beard
Chase in the Tunnels: “Simplicity”, from StackTraxx Vol. 02
The Package Changes Hands: “Underscore”, by David Beard
Callie’s Regret: “Nowhere, Cue 1″, by David Beard
Breakdown: “Ladder Strings”, by David Beard
Daniel’s Torment: “Mothersland, Cue 15a”, by David Beard
The Man Behind The Mission: “Underscore”, by David Beard
Victor and Miriam: “Mothersland, Cue 11″, by David Beard
A Happy Ending: “Isham Pastiche”, by David Beard
Bed Music: “Smoke-Filled Room”, by Dave Thornton

All music from David Beard is used by special permission from the artist. Music from ERH is provided through the Freesound Project. Music from StackTraxx obtained by license from Digital Juice. All other music is provided through agreement with the Podsafe Music Network.

Some sound effects were provided by Soundsnap; others were provided by the Freesound Project.


We’re pressed for time this week, but Chris squeezes in a message from Amy Bowen complimenting the use of Adhesion’s music.

Next time on The Metamor City Podcast:

In the aftermath of the mission, the telepaths mourn their losses, Victor reaps his rewards, and Miriam makes an unsettling discovery. See you in two weeks — until then, keep it on the bright side!

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