MCP 035 – MAKING THE CUT: Chapter 25

MAKING THE CUT enters its third and final act! Six months after leaving the Psi Collective, Abbey Preston has an experience that may change her mind. Plus, Danni and Fiona continue to wrestle with their own psychological baggage.

The Story So Far:

Philippa Ballantine, of Erotica a la Carte and Weather Child

The Cast:

Abbey Preston – Heather Nowak
Victor hin’Kavos – Bill Bowman
Danni Sharabi – Sara Lloyd
Rebecca Brower – MA in PA
Trace Umbara – Donte Taylor
Dr. Julian – Cunning Minx
Sasha King – Dani Cutler
Fiona hin’Connaill – Christiana Ellis
Fiona’s Mother – Mindy Smith


Acts of Desperation

You Khan Not Be Serious?!


Robin Hudson, co-star of Scott Sigler’s NOCTURNAL

The Music:

Intro: “Zeon Control”, by Metaverse
The Story So Far: “Theatrical Trailer”, by Budha Building
Scene 1:
“Electroscape1″, by ERH
“Lebensraum, Cues 7, 8 & 9″, by David Beard
“Ladder Strings”, by David Beard
“The Return to Darkness”, from StackTraxx Vol. 46
“Underscore”, by David Beard
“Menace”, from StackTraxx Vol. 03
“Suite 4 – Good vs. Evil”, from StackTraxx Vol. 50
“Open Percussion, Cue 2″, by David Beard
“Nowhere, Cue 2 Strings”, by David Beard
“Nowhere, Cue 1″, by David Beard
“Restless Spirits”, by David Beard
Scene 2:
“Surrounding Enemies”, from StackTraxx Vol. 46
“Gaza Strip Mall”, by Amanda Monaco
“Phunky ZZ”, from StackTraxx Vol. 36
“Electroscape1″, by ERH
“Misplaced Toy Theme”, by David Beard
“Nowhere, Cue 4″, by David Beard
“A Part of Me, A Part of You”, by Kparx
“I See Translucent People”, by CosmicD
“Catharsis – Middle”, by David Beard
“Get in the Car – No Percussion”, by David Beard
“The Gift, Cue 3″, by David Beard
Scene 3:
“Autumn Song”, by David Beard
“Open Skies”, from StackTraxx Vol. 41
“Srvival in a House Darkening”, by Michael Masley (courtesy of
“Ray of Light”, from StackTraxx Vol. 21
Bed Music: “Smoke Filled Room”, by Dave Thornton

podsafe music network All music from David Beard is used by special permission from the artist. Music from StackTraxx obtained by license from Digital Juice. Music from ERH and CosmicD is provided through the Freesound Project. Music from Michael Masley is provided through agreement with All other music is provided through agreement with the Podsafe Music Network.

Some sound effects were provided by Soundsnap; others were provided by the Freesound Project.


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Next time on The Metamor City Podcast:

The horrible secret of Fiona’s past is revealed, and Malcolm ard’Valos has some new orders for Miriam…

Until next time, keep it on the bright side!

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