MCP 047 – Dreams of Change, Part 2

Ben goes to sorcery practice, plays phone tag with Natalie, and meets with the androgyne John Randall. What is John’s plan to get rid of Matheson? And what will happen to Ben if he decides to play along?

WARNING: This episode contains explicit sexual content. Listener discretion is advised.

Story by Nobilis Reed
Performed by Chris Lester
Edited by Scott Roche and Paulette Jaxton

The Cast:

Chris Lester as Ben Stansfield
Mae Breakall as Female Ben
J. Daniel Sawyer as George
Deirdre Reed as Ms Walters
Kimi Alexandre as Natalie Grace
Tony Mast as Student Clerk
Meghan Bomberger as Ms Kennedy
Mike Wills as Black T-Shirt Guy
Thomas Reed as John Randall
Meredith Matthews as Jane Randall
Tristan Johnson as Police Officer
Mark Smith as Lt Harcourt


The HeavenField

Lilith’s Love


Christiana Ellis, author of Nina Kimberly the Merciless

The Music:

Some music was provided by David Beard and is used by permission of the composer. Other music and sound effects were provided by Digital JuiceSoundsnap and The Freesound Project. Additional music and effects produced by Chris Lester.


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Next time on The Metamor City Podcast:

Things aren’t looking good for Ben. What happened to Matheson? Where is John Randall? And who’s going to bail Ben out of jail? Come back in two weeks to find out…

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