MCP 048 – Dreams of Change, Part 3

Things aren’t looking good for Ben. What happened to Matheson? Where is John Randall? And who’s going to bail Ben out of jail? Our hero gets some help from an unexpected source…

Story by Nobilis Reed
Performed by Chris Lester
Edited by Scott Roche and Paulette Jaxton

The Cast:

Chris Lester as Ben Stansfield and Nathan Grace
Mae Breakall as Female Ben
Tristan Johnson as Police Officer
Kitty Nic’Iaian as Vee
Nathan Lowell as Harrison
Kimi Alexandre as Natalie Grace
Bryan Lincoln as Conrad
Mark Smith as Lt Harcourt
Meghan Bomberger as Ms Kennedy


Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition 2010

Trickster Moon


Arkle, host of Geek of all Trades

The Music:

Some music was provided by David Beard and is used by permission of the composer. Other music and sound effects were provided by Digital JuiceSoundsnap and The Freesound Project. Additional music and effects produced by Chris Lester.


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  • After “Dreams of Change”, the Metamor City Podcast will go on hiatus until all episodes of the next story have been completed. Chris’s hope is that this will prevent any future mid-story production delays.
  • Chris will be providing podcast coverage of the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition this coming weekend, March 12-14. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, come join us!
  • J. Daniel Sawyer, author of The Antithesis Progression, and Danny Schade, his composer, are about to release the soundtrack for Book 1: Predestination. Keep an eye on for the announcement when it goes on sale.
  • The next episode of MCP is scheduled for March 21st.

Next time on The Metamor City Podcast:

Ben has found a refuge for the moment, but his troubles are far from over. The Grace family has secrets of its own, and things only get more complicated when Ben’s unpredictable power strikes again … and this time, he’s not the only target…

Keep it on the bright side!

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