MCP 041 – MAKING THE CUT: Chapter 31

The battle is over, the bodies have fallen, and it’s time for the survivors to count the cost. The Sommers cell has defied the norms of its society; Daniel unwittingly aided enemies of the Collective; Abbey is a former fugitive. How will the Hive choose to deal with this band of misfits? And what will Malcolm ard’Valos do, now that his pawn has been taken from him?

The Cast:

Sasha King – Dani Cutler
Fiona hin’Connaill – Christiana Ellis
Abbey Preston – Heather Nowak
Danni Sharabi – Sara Lloyd
Rebecca Brower – MA in PA
Jared Tamlin – Jason Adams
Kathryn Kitaen – Heather Welliver
Malcolm ard’Valos – TD-0013
Braddock – Marc Bailey
Brian Sommers – Bryan Watson
Young Disembodied Voice – Kimi Alexandre
Old Disembodied Voice – Bryan Watson