TRATWD 103 – Abigail Hilton

jager-thunderIn this week’s interview I talk to Abigail Hilton about her new novel, Jager Thunder, which is on sale now! This is a wonderful book, and if you’re a fan of The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy. We also talk quite a bit about the business side of writing.

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The Raven & the Writing Desk, Episode 43: Marketing Strategies for Writers, with Abigail Hilton

Abbie Hilton Chibi, by Rah Cloutier
Abbie Hilton Chibi, by Rah Cloutier

Abigail Hilton has attracted a fervent audience of thousands of readers and listeners with her fantasy series The Prophet of Panamindorah, The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, and Hunters Unlucky. (Full disclosure: I’m one of them.) I sat down with Abbie to discuss the strategies she has used to get the word out about her books, grow her audience, and turn a profit on her writing career.

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Status update, 1/25/2012

Hello, my wonderful and long-suffering Metamorphs!

After three days of reconstruction, MOST of the Metamor City website and feed are up and working. The new feed is, or if you just want the posts that have MP3 attachments. You can subscribe to the new feed by clicking the links in the right sidebar.

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Metamor City wins its second Parsec Award!

2010parsecwinnerHi folks!

I’m very proud to announce that The Metamor City Podcast has won the Parsec Award for the second year in a row. This year the honors go to “Whispers in the Wood” (MCP042 through MCP045) for Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form).

I want to give my deepest thanks to the cast and crew of Metamor City, without whom this would not have been possible:

Thanks also to all of the fans who have supported Metamor City over the years, whether through donations, iTunes reviews, sending in feedback, or telling a friend. Without you fine ladies and gents, I wouldn’t be doing this.

Lastly, thanks to Abigail Hilton, who accepted the Parsec Award on my behalf at Dragon*Con this past weekend. Abbie has become a dear friend of mine over the last year; she’s a great author, a fantastic collaborator and one of the finest human beings it has been my privilege to know. You can hear my voice on her podcast novel COWRY CATCHERS as the warrior-intellectual Gwain, and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the years to come, bringing you more awesome stories from both of our fertile brains.

That’s it for now, folks. THINGS UNSEEN is still in progress, and while it’s taking me longer than I had planned, it IS moving forward. Good things are in store for Metamor City, and while I can’t tell you exactly when you’ll see them, I can promise that they will be worth the wait.

Keep it on the bright side!