MCP 013 – MAKING THE CUT: Chapter 05

It’s spy vs. spy as Daniel’s team acquires the package and Del and Trace try to steal it! Who will prevail — and what will it cost them?


Victor hin’Kavos — Bill Bowman
Crew Chief — Indiana Jim
Del Matthews — Nobilis
Trace Umbara — Donte Taylor
Sasha King — Dani Cutler
Brian Sommers — Bryan Watson
Cargo Tender Synth-Voice — Paulette Vallad
Fiona hin’Connaill — Christiana Ellis
Callie Linder — Beq Vyper

MCP SE01 – Metamor City Anniversary

Staff writer Nobilis Reed offers his first erotic story set in the world of Metamor City.

Contains explicit sexual content. Listener discretion is advised.

This story can be purchased as part of the Quicksilver Bridges anthology on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.