MCP SE19 – A Lightbringer Carol, Stave I: Father’s Ghost

On the night of the Winter Solstice, Janus Starson is haunted by the spirit of his father. Stave 1 of a 5-stave carol, in prose.

With affection and gratitude to Charles Dickens, whose classic Christmas ghost story has happily haunted my dreams for years.

Written and read by Chris Lester

Edited by Bill Bowman

Music by David Beard and Digital Juice

MCP 042: Whispers in the Wood, Part 1

A man comes to Metamor City bearing a mysterious instrument, a violin with seemingly supernatural powers. A trail of death follows him. Lothanasi Agent Janus Starson brings in his best paranormal investigator, the telepath Abbey Preston, to help him uncover the violin’s secrets — and stop it before it kills again.


Isaac Wells – Michael Spence
Abbey Preston – Jenivi Seven
Janus Starson – Indiana Jim
Unseen Lover – Danae Winters

Violin music generously provided by PC Haring.


MCP SE02 – A Lightbringer’s Christmas Tale

Lothanasi field commander Janus Starson has a faery problem. A certain Sidhe Lord invades his city every year on the night of the Winter Solstice — a certain fat, jolly Sidhe Lord with a penchant for invading people’s houses.

Janus isn’t about to stand for that sort of thing.


A bit of Christmas fluff from Chris Lester. Music is “Carol of the Bells” by David Beard and is used with permission.