MCP SE19 – A Lightbringer Carol, Stave I: Father’s Ghost

On the night of the Winter Solstice, Janus Starson is haunted by the spirit of his father. Stave 1 of a 5-stave carol, in prose.

With affection and gratitude to Charles Dickens, whose classic Christmas ghost story has happily haunted my dreams for years.

Written and read by Chris Lester

Edited by Bill Bowman

Music by David Beard and Digital Juice

2 Replies to “MCP SE19 – A Lightbringer Carol, Stave I: Father’s Ghost”

  1. Loved your retelling of this classic. Haven’t yet heard Making the Cut, so I don’t know Callie, but will soon.

  2. OK. Now that I have some more info on Callie Linder, I can see how putting her in this role makes this version of the classic even better.

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