TRATWD 119 – The Muse, Part 4 (Conclusion)

Will and Callie seek out the help of the wizard Artax, whom Callie hopes can conceal the icon of Saint Merai from detection. But will that be enough to stop the Street mage Trajan from hunting them down?

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The Raven & the Writing Desk, Episode 34: Things Unseen, Chapter 5

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The Story: “Things Unseen,” Chapter Five

Kate, David and the Lightbringers compare notes and plan their next move after the revelations of Chapter Four. Morgan uncovers a connection between the two cases. Kate and David visit SPELLS 4 U.

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MCP 020 – MAKING THE CUT: Chapter 12

Evan takes Daniel to SPELLS 4 U for a magical check-up. Has Danni been ensorcelled? And, if so, can Artax do anything to help her?


Evan Selindi – Tee Morris
Artax – Bryan Watson
Danni Sharabi – Sara Lloyd
Rebecca Brower – MA in PA
Answer Machine Voice – Martyn Casserly
Jared Tamlin – Jason Adams

MCP SE01 – Metamor City Anniversary

Staff writer Nobilis Reed offers his first erotic story set in the world of Metamor City.

Contains explicit sexual content. Listener discretion is advised.

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