TRATWD 086 – Nobilis Reed and The Monster Whisperer

monster-whispererI interview SF erotica master Nobilis Reed about his new novel, The Monster Whisperer, which is on sale now in e-book and paperback! Along the way we go down a number of fascinating rabbit holes, including the trouble with writing endings, questions of consent in erotic fiction, the difference between SF with sex and SF about sex, and the dilemma of being a person with a comparative amount of privilege writing about social justice issues. Thanks to Nobilis for a fantastic conversation—now go buy his book!

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The Raven & the Writing Desk, Episode 16: The Three Graces, Part 1

The Story: “The Three Graces,” Part 1

We first met Nathan Grace and his daughter Natalie in “Dreams of Change” by Nobilis Reed, but we never heard more than hints about what happened to Natalie’s mother.

I’m proud to now bring you the story behind the story.

three-graces-quote-1 In the Feedback Section:

Nobilis, Raj Chaos and Sara respond to the end of “The Cuckoo.”

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The theme music for “The Three Graces” is A Girl Alone by Hungry Lucy. The song was made available through Mevio’s Music Alley, the Podsafe Music Network. You can find more of their music on their website,


Rafak Aliri and the Book of Shadows – LIVE at Balticon 47

Hey Metamorphs!

It was my pleasure this year to return to Balticon, along with a cast of highly talented men and women and an all-new Metamor City audio drama. The recording equipment we had was limited, so there are a few places where the audio glitched on us and doesn’t sound as good as I’d like — but the story is all there, and I think it getting the story out to those who couldn’t be there more than makes up for the limitations in the equipment.

“Rafak Aliri and the Book of Shadows” was written by Chris Lester and Mildred Cady, with some original music by Marnen Leibow-Koser.

The Metamor City Players, in order of appearance, are:

Chris Lester, as Rafak Aliri
R. E. Chambliss, as Betty
Hugh O’Donnell, as Neela Viornery
Mildred Cady, as Xiang Jinn
Doc Coleman, as a Worker and Lightbringer Agent #2
Laura Nicole, as Nona Candle
Bryan Lincoln, as Michael Spence
Patrick Scaffido, as Whitney Kendall
Nobilis Reed, as Caine Dorr
Veronica Giguere, as Agent Kelsey Stanton 

Other music provided by StackTraxx from Digital Juice and David Beard of David Beard Music. All music was used according to the provisions of the license agreement and/or by permission of the composer.

Sound effects provided by Digital Juice, and the Freesound Project.

MCP SE01 – Metamor City Anniversary

Staff writer Nobilis Reed offers his first erotic story set in the world of Metamor City.

Contains explicit sexual content. Listener discretion is advised.

This story can be purchased as part of the Quicksilver Bridges anthology on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.