The Raven & the Writing Desk, Episode 12: Metamor City – The Cuckoo, Part 1

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The Story: The Cuckoo, Part 1

Meet John, an incubus who was kicked out of his noble family once his true nature was revealed. He’s set his sights on the Baronesa Delilah Velasco de Moraine, a shy, beautiful Tournish noblewoman: recently wedded to a Metamorian lord, and completely overwhelmed by the strangeness of Metamor’s high society. John has ideas about how to help her be more accepted in the world that rejected him — but what does he get out of it? And who is he working for, anyway?

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PRODUCTION NOTE: The tango music used in this story is “Last Tango in NYC,” by The Four Bags. The music was released under a Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial License on Mevio’s Music Alley, the podsafe music network, which unfortunately shut down in April 2014. You can find some of The Four Bags’ other music at their website,