MCP 051 – THINGS UNSEEN: Prologue


Things Unseen Cover

At long last, Metamor City returns! This episode takes us back to the year 1974 Cristos Reckoning, when the researchers of Project Lightpath entered a mysterious magic-filled jungle in the name of scientific exploration. What they found there was unlike anything they expected — and laid the foundation for events twenty-five years later, on the other side of the world…

Written and Produced by Chris Lester

Starring Chris Lester & Dawn D. Wood

Music and Sound FX by Digital Juice

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We’re aiming for a two-week release schedule, as before, so our next episode is slated for March 15, 2014. Until then, keep it on the bright side!

5 Replies to “MCP 051 – THINGS UNSEEN: Prologue”

  1. New Metamor!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    That is all. For now. Anxiously awaiting next ep.

  2. woohoo just stumbled across Metamor City a few weeks ago, gone threw most of the Archives already. thank the gods for more Metamor

  3. Have been waiting this for a long time. Since im very impatient and i dont have time to read. Is there any way you could put all of the audibook production for sale aswell?

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