February 2011

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MCP SE23 – A Lightbringer Carol, Staves IV & V

Posted by on 22 Feb 2011 | Tagged as: Christmas, Fantasy, Janus, Merai

An ominous Phantom confronts Janus with an image of his future.

Written, performed and edited by Chris Lester

Music by ERH, David Beard, Dennis Janglov, and Digital Juice

MCP SE22 – A Lightbringer Carol, Stave III: The Ghost of Solstice Present

Posted by on 13 Feb 2011 | Tagged as: Callie, Christmas, Fantasy, Janus

Still imprisoned by mystical forces unknown, Janus attempts to escape from his apartment … and encounters an unexpected ally.

Writen, read and edited by Chris Lester

Music by Digital Juice