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Status update, 1/25/2012

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Hello, my wonderful and long-suffering Metamorphs!

After three days of reconstruction, MOST of the Metamor City website and feed are up and working. The new feed is http://www.metamorcity.com/feed, or http://www.metamorcity.com/feed/podcast if you just want the posts that have MP3 attachments. You can subscribe to the new feed by clicking the links in the right sidebar.

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Review of “A Lightbringer Carol” from Burning Zeppelin Experience

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Last February, Mark at BURNING ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE posted a very nice review of A Lightbringer Carol and Metamor City in general, which I have just discovered due to the powers of the Interwebs (and my own attempts at reconstructing the Metamor City feed).

Metamor City (Belatedly) Takes On Christmas…

Thanks to Mark for bringing the love!

Under construction…

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The Metamor City Podcast is currently going through some restructuring and repairs on its RSS feed and website. Thanks for your patience; we will be back online as soon as possible!


–Chris Lester

Creator & Head Author

The Metamor City Podcast

Announcement: “Quicksilver Bridges”, Metamor City anthology by Nobilis Reed, now available in e-book

Posted by on 15 Jan 2012 | Tagged as: Announcements, Nobilis

Metamor City staff writer Nobilis Reed has released his first Metamor City anthology in e-book form, Quicksilver Bridges. This volume includes:

  • Metamor City Anniversary
  • A Mummy in Metamor City
  • Dreams of Change
  • Alive
  • Dogsbody, an ALL NEW Metamor City story

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have!