TRATWD 114 – Why the Storyteller Needs a Narrator

In this panel from Balticon 51, I lead a discussion with Melissa Hayden, Erin Kazmark, A. F. Grappin and Veronica Giguere about audio book narrators. Why should you have someone narrate your book? How does the process work? How do you find someone who will do the job well? There’s a lot of great advice in here for self-published, hybrid and aspiring authors.

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TRATWD 109 – Biology is a Science, Too! (Balticon 51)

With “hard science fiction,” great efforts are taken to get the physics right, but a lot of biological details are glossed over, if not ignored. What are some basic principles of biology that you should know for writing good science-based fiction?

Recorded at Balticon 51.


Dr Thomas Holtz Jr – Moderator

Chris Jackson

TRATWD 076 – Interview with Gail Carriger

gailcarrigersteampunk_jdanielsawyer I sat down in the virtual studio with NYT Bestselling Author Gail Carriger to discuss her new novella, Romancing the Inventor, and the lessons she has learned about the business and craft of being a writer.

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TRATWD 063 – Metamor City Retrospective at Balticon 50

Chris Lester, Christiana Ellis, and Michael Spence joined moderator Doc Coleman for a trip down memory lane to the early days of the Metamor City Podcast.

Recorded live at Balticon 50, May 28, 2016, in Baltimore, MD. Apologies for the sudden cutoff during the Q&A session; the recording device ran out of storage. Thanks to Doc for recording the show!

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Rafak Aliri and the Book of Shadows – LIVE at Balticon 47

Hey Metamorphs!

It was my pleasure this year to return to Balticon, along with a cast of highly talented men and women and an all-new Metamor City audio drama. The recording equipment we had was limited, so there are a few places where the audio glitched on us and doesn’t sound as good as I’d like — but the story is all there, and I think it getting the story out to those who couldn’t be there more than makes up for the limitations in the equipment.

“Rafak Aliri and the Book of Shadows” was written by Chris Lester and Mildred Cady, with some original music by Marnen Leibow-Koser.

The Metamor City Players, in order of appearance, are:

Chris Lester, as Rafak Aliri
R. E. Chambliss, as Betty
Hugh O’Donnell, as Neela Viornery
Mildred Cady, as Xiang Jinn
Doc Coleman, as a Worker and Lightbringer Agent #2
Laura Nicole, as Nona Candle
Bryan Lincoln, as Michael Spence
Patrick Scaffido, as Whitney Kendall
Nobilis Reed, as Caine Dorr
Veronica Giguere, as Agent Kelsey Stanton 

Other music provided by StackTraxx from Digital Juice and David Beard of David Beard Music. All music was used according to the provisions of the license agreement and/or by permission of the composer.

Sound effects provided by Digital Juice, and the Freesound Project.

MCP SE21 – January Feedback Show

We’re back! Dan, Chris, and Jenivi Seven (voice of Abbey Preston in Whispers in the Wood) read emails and discuss the following topics:

  • Patronage system and the role of the nobility in Metamor
  • Mythopoetics, Reason, and Wonder
  • “Woo”, Bullshit, and THE SECRET
  • God as an explanatory apparatus
  • Qualia of experience vs. objective reality
  • Neo-Primitivism and Avatar
  • Political structure of the Empire of Metamor
  • Erotica a la Carte — “Tears Such As Angels Weep”
  • Chris is a tease
  • When story reflects the writing process
  • Troublesome accents
  • The Eternal Man-Love Shortage

Sound clips from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, That Mitchell & Webb Look, and Guild of the Cowry Catchers.

MCP SE17 – Michigan Cast Round-Table, Part 1

Last Christmas, Chris got together with four of Metamor City’s Michigan voice actors: Bill Bowman, Bryan Watson, Beq Vyper and Sara Lloyd. Wackiness ensued.

Many thanks to Sara Lloyd for doing the editing on this recording. This is a two-parter, the second half of which should drop sometime next week.


The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

MCP SE16 – Triple Threat Launchcast

Hey all!

It occurred to me that I never actually put this launchcast on the feed. Since the next episode has been delayed due to production difficulties, this seemed to be the ideal time to put it up as an extra bit of content. Listen as Philippa Ballantine, J. Daniel Sawyer and I take calls from listeners and kick off the next stage of our podcasting projects. Enjoy!

BONUS – Triple Threat Interviews on ISBW

Mur Lafferty interviewed all three of the Triple Threat authors — me, J. Daniel Sawyer and Philippa Ballantine — for this extra-large episode of I Should Be Writing. I hope you enjoy listening to these interviews as much as we enjoyed recording them!