MCP 021 – MAKING THE CUT: Chapter 13

Miriam meets with the Sommers cell to discuss breaking in to Viscount, while Danni takes Jared to a private club.


Miriam Bakhtavar – Martha Puskas
Peter – Steve Riekeberg
Rebecca Brower – MA in PA
Brian Sommers – Bryan Watson
Fiona hin’Connaill – Christiana Ellis
Sasha King – Dani Cutler
Nathan Levy – Steve Eley
Danni Sharabi – Sara Lloyd
Kevin Darby – P.G. Holyfield
Jared Tamlin – Jason Adams
Lindy – Pewari Naan

MCP 019 – MAKING THE CUT: Chapter 11

Danni has her first real date with a man. Will it be all that she expected? And how is Nate going to react to having a bombshell like Danni living in the apartment?

Note: Chris gives his after-action report on Balticon 42 and gets rather mushy on the subject. If you’d rather not listen to the chatter, skip ahead to about the 14-minute mark.


Danni Sharabi – Sara Lloyd
Nathan Levy – Steve Eley
Jared Tamlin – Jason Adams
Evan Selindi – Tee Morris

MCP 010 – MAKING THE CUT: Chapter 02

See archives for show notes.


Victor hin’Kavos — Bill Bowman
Abbey Preston — Heather Nowak
Nathan Levy — Steve Eley of Escape Pod
Kevin Darby — P.G. Holyfield of Murder at Avedon Hill
Denise — Cat, aka SciFiRanterGirl of The Lipstick Aliens Podcast