TRATWD 125 – Crowdfunding Your Podcast

n this panel from Balticon 51, Nutty Nuchtchas (of Nutty Bites), Nobilis Reed (of Nobilis Erotica) and I discuss how to make your podcast pay — and what to avoid along the way.

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TRATWD 114 – Why the Storyteller Needs a Narrator

In this panel from Balticon 51, I lead a discussion with Melissa Hayden, Erin Kazmark, A. F. Grappin and Veronica Giguere about audio book narrators. Why should you have someone narrate your book? How does the process work? How do you find someone who will do the job well? There’s a lot of great advice in here for self-published, hybrid and aspiring authors.

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TRATWD 109 – Biology is a Science, Too! (Balticon 51)

With “hard science fiction,” great efforts are taken to get the physics right, but a lot of biological details are glossed over, if not ignored. What are some basic principles of biology that you should know for writing good science-based fiction?

Recorded at Balticon 51.


Dr Thomas Holtz Jr – Moderator

Chris Jackson

MCP SE17 – Michigan Cast Round-Table, Part 1

Last Christmas, Chris got together with four of Metamor City’s Michigan voice actors: Bill Bowman, Bryan Watson, Beq Vyper and Sara Lloyd. Wackiness ensued.

Many thanks to Sara Lloyd for doing the editing on this recording. This is a two-parter, the second half of which should drop sometime next week.


The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

MCP SE16 – Triple Threat Launchcast

Hey all!

It occurred to me that I never actually put this launchcast on the feed. Since the next episode has been delayed due to production difficulties, this seemed to be the ideal time to put it up as an extra bit of content. Listen as Philippa Ballantine, J. Daniel Sawyer and I take calls from listeners and kick off the next stage of our podcasting projects. Enjoy!

The Sex Round-Table, Part 2 of 3

The sex talk between me, J. Daniel Sawyer and Philippa Ballantine continues. We start off with a discussion of erotic themes in Metamor City, then progress to talk about sex in religion, sex in humans vs. other species of animals, serious sex, funny sex, and the wide spectrum of human relationships from shallow to intimate — and all the different kinds of sex involved in that continuum.

No promos in this one, folks. And yes, my numbering system at the beginning of the episode is STILL out of whack.

Part 1 of the Round-Table is at the ANTITHESIS feed, if you haven’t already heard it. Part 3 will be coming to the Erotica a la Carte feed shortly.

That Mitchell & Webb Look: Snooker Commentators

The Sex Round-Table, Part 1 of 3

What do you get when you combine three saucy podcasters and a fine New Zealand Pinot Noir? Well, this, apparently. Dan Sawyer, Philippa Ballantine, and I sat down to discuss the ways we deal with sex in our various worlds and works. There are three hours of this; Dan dropped the first hour in his ANTITHESIS feed, and I’m cross-posting it here. Look for further episodes to drop on the Metamor City and Erotica a la Carte feeds in the near future.

Also, I was having entirely too much fun with sound clips from That Mitchell and Webb Look. The snooker commentators sketch can be found here.