TRATWD 090 – Rafak Aliri and the Ghostly Bride (Metamor City LIVE! at Balticon 50)

This week I’m bringing you the live Metamor City audio drama that we performed for Balticon 50: RAFAK ALIRI AND THE GHOSTLY BRIDE!

Aliri is a lutin private investigator struggling to keep the lights on in his Street-level office. But when a wealthy young nobleman offers triple his fee┬áto solve his fiancee’s murder, the green-skinned gumshoe finds that nothing is as it seems…

Featuring the voice talents of:

PATRICK SCAFFIDO as Baron Tristan Halvard

DEE REED as Betty

AUGUST GRAPPIN as a morgue attendant

LAURA NICOLE as Morgan Drauling

NOBILIS REED as a customer service rep


LAUREN HARRIS as Abbey Preston

SARA TESTAROSSA as Kelsey Stanton

And MILDRED CADY as Amelie Grace

With original music by Marnen Leibow-Koser


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