Review of “A Lightbringer Carol” from Burning Zeppelin Experience

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Last February, Mark at BURNING ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE posted a very nice review of A Lightbringer Carol and Metamor City in general, which I have just discovered due to the powers of the Interwebs (and my own attempts at reconstructing the Metamor City feed).

Metamor City (Belatedly) Takes On Christmas…

Thanks to Mark for bringing the love!

MCP SE16 – Triple Threat Launchcast

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Hey all!

It occurred to me that I never actually put this launchcast on the feed. Since the next episode has been delayed due to production difficulties, this seemed to be the ideal time to put it up as an extra bit of content. Listen as Philippa Ballantine, J. Daniel Sawyer and I take calls from listeners and kick off the next stage of our podcasting projects. Enjoy!

MCP SE07 – Feedback Show, Episode III: Revenge of the Listeners, Part 1

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This one could be called THE WRATH OF KIM — Dan and Chris spend an hour discussing topics raised by Kim the Comic Book Goddess, mostly with regard to sex and gender issues in Metamor City.

MCP SE06 – Feedback Show, Episode II: Attack of the Kiwi, Part 1

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Pip Ballantine joined me, Dan Sawyer and Kitty Nic’Iaian for another feedback extravaganza. This one is so long I had to break it in half. And yes, I know that I said “special episode 5″ at the beginning. I’d lost count, I’m afraid…

MCP SE06 – Feedback Show, Episode II: Attack of the Kiwi (Part 2)

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The second feedback extravaganza continues! This time, we hear from the Uber-Nemesis himself.

MCP SE05 – Feedback Show #1 with J. Daniel Sawyer and Kitty Nic’Iaian

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The first Metamor City feedback show, with co-hosts J. Daniel Sawyer and Kitty Nic’Iaian.

MCP 008 – Holiday Special and MAKING THE CUT: Prologue

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See archives for show notes.