TRATWD 067 – KT Bryski on Research and Fairy Tales

bryski-kt_headshotIn today’s episode, I interview KT Bryski about her new podcast Six Stories, Told at Night. We discuss doing research for fiction, the hero’s (and heroine’s!) journey, fairy tales vs. myths, and why Kat Howard is KT’s literary doppelgänger…

Six Stories, Told at Night


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The Raven & the Writing Desk, Episode 03: Metamor City – To Walk in Shadow, Part 2A

The Raven and the Writing Desk - logoIn this episode we hear from Sara T. about Dreams of Change, from Tarmo in Finland about straight read vs. multiple voice narration, and from Mildred Cady about shout-outs to the Metamor City Live audio dramas.


Rafak Aliri and the Book of Shadows – Live at Balticon 47


Hunters Unlucky at Worlds of Abigail Hilton — available for free for a limited time

Storybundle – The Write Stuff

The Story: “Metamor City — To Walk in Shadow,” Part 2A

Agent Jessup journeys into the Realm of Shadow with Prince Ba’al and his faithful assistant. What he finds there is like nothing he had imagined…



The Raven & the Writing Desk, Episode 02: Metamor City – To Walk in Shadow, Part 1

The Raven and the Writing Desk - logoIn this episode I give you the Weekly Writer’s Report and share exciting news about the new StoryBundle that J. Daniel Sawyer is part of this month.

The Story: “To Walk in Shadow,” Part 1

The sun hid itself on the day the devil came to the city. Thick, forbidding clouds crept in from the north overnight, a dark, angry carpet rolling in to presage his coming…

The Raven and the Writing Desk, Episode 01: Metamor City – Cleanup on Skyway 3

My new podcast is here! In this episode, I explain what The Raven and the Writing Desk is about, why I’m doing this instead of podcasting the rest of Things Unseen, and what is in store for the future.

The Story: “Cleanup on Skyway 3″

Fiz and his team are the best cleaners in the business. If you’ve got a messy problem, they can make it disappear overnight — guaranteed. But when the folks leaving the mess are the Lightbringers, even Fiz and his boys might have their hands full…

MCP 052 – THINGS UNSEEN: Chapter 01

Twenty-five years after the disappearance of Project Lightpath, Hal Raines — the son of one of the lost explorers — joins a highly dubious expedition to the Rift Zone. Why are Lord Ezekiel and his friends so interested in the Rift? What do they expect to find there? And why do they want Hal to accompany them?

Written and produced by Chris Lester

Starring Chris Lester and Dawn D. Wood

Music by Digital Juice and David Beard

Sound FX by Digital Juice, Soundsnap and the Freesound Project


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We’ll be back with Chapter Two in two weeks, folks. Until then, keep it on the bright side!

Rafak Aliri and the Book of Shadows – LIVE at Balticon 47

Hey Metamorphs!

It was my pleasure this year to return to Balticon, along with a cast of highly talented men and women and an all-new Metamor City audio drama. The recording equipment we had was limited, so there are a few places where the audio glitched on us and doesn’t sound as good as I’d like — but the story is all there, and I think it getting the story out to those who couldn’t be there more than makes up for the limitations in the equipment.

“Rafak Aliri and the Book of Shadows” was written by Chris Lester and Mildred Cady, with some original music by Marnen Leibow-Koser.

The Metamor City Players, in order of appearance, are:

Chris Lester, as Rafak Aliri
R. E. Chambliss, as Betty
Hugh O’Donnell, as Neela Viornery
Mildred Cady, as Xiang Jinn
Doc Coleman, as a Worker and Lightbringer Agent #2
Laura Nicole, as Nona Candle
Bryan Lincoln, as Michael Spence
Patrick Scaffido, as Whitney Kendall
Nobilis Reed, as Caine Dorr
Veronica Giguere, as Agent Kelsey Stanton 

Other music provided by StackTraxx from Digital Juice and David Beard of David Beard Music. All music was used according to the provisions of the license agreement and/or by permission of the composer.

Sound effects provided by Digital Juice, and the Freesound Project.

MCP 050 – Dreams of Change, Part 5 (Conclusion)

What will Ben and Natalie find in Ben’s dreams? More importantly, will it find them first?

Story by Nobilis Reed
Performed by Chris Lester
Edited by Scott Roche and Paulette Jaxton

The Cast:

Chris Lester as Ben Stansfield and Nathan Grace
Kimi Alexandre as Natalie Grace
Mae Breakall as Natalie-as-Ben
Nathan Lowell as Harrison
Nobilis Reed as Herb Matheson
Mark Smith as Lt. Harcourt